How Unknown Artists
Get Signed to Major Labels

(It’s not what you think)

Music is your thing. All you need is exposure.

A major record label has the budget to get you in big studios so you can record your hit record.

They also have the money and power to help you collaborate with popular mainstream artists on songs or shows.

Imagine going from playing in your hometown to a major tour with one of your idols.

Your popularity and fame would explode. Your music would be heard by thousands of people.

That’s the dream...

Here’s the problem:
Major labels don’t care about you.

They won’t even give you the time of day.

They are constantly bombarded with acts from their own reliable sources.

They spend all day, every day rejecting music and upcoming artists.

Major labels only consider acts that have proven they can do it on their own.

So, how do artists get signed to a major label then?

The secret sauce...

Independent Record Labels.

A small label is the perfect stepping stone.

An indie label has the experience that you don’t..

They’ve helped other artists succeed. They have a team.

Here’s the secret…

Indie record labels merge with major record labels ALL THE TIME.

That means if you’re signed to a small indie label, and it merges with Atlantic Records, your label is now the exact same label as Billboard Top 100 artists.

The fastest way to get signed to a major label is to start with an indie label first.

Here’s why:

1. It shows that people believe in your music

2. Someone risked signing you first - social proof - it’s an easier sell to a major label

3. You’ll make more money because the expectations aren’t insane

4. You aren’t just a number - an indie label’s roster is usually much smaller and you get more attention. More attention, means higher chances of success.

5. Major labels won’t accept your music even if you could submit it.

The list goes on and on…

How To Get Signed To An Indie Record Label

All you need is their attention, so here’s how to get their attention step-by-step.

The DIY Approach

Do it all yourself. Learn all you can, try what you learned, make mistakes and repeat. This is the long way.

First you’ll need to do a lot of research.

1. Find the indie record label to submit to

2. Check that they accept submissions with your genre (this can be tricky)

3. Figure out who to contact at the indie label

4. Find their email address so that you can submit your press kit to them

5. Validate that their email address is correct so that you’re not emailing a non-existent email

6. Come up with what you’re going to say to the label (your pitch)

7. Keep following up until you hear back from them

8. Rinse and repeat with dozens of record labels to maximize your chances

One major thing to keep in mind is that most record labels, even if they accept your music, may not respond.

This will keep you wondering. Did they get my music? Did they get my email? Did they read my email? Am I just wasting my time?

That's a LOT of work. No worries we got you covered!

The easy way...

Submit using GigFaster

We made it as easy as 1-2-3 to submit to hundreds of indie record labels.

At GigFaster we made submitting to an independent record label as easy as clicking a button.

1. Choose from over 600 indie record labels

2. Click pitch to submit to the label

3. We send your press kit to the record label and follow up until you get a response

After you create your account and complete your artist profile, you’re ready to pitch to over 600 independent record labels.

No need to scour the web searching for record labels and validating their contact information. We've done all of that for you. We've saved you hundreds of hours.

Do we guarantee you'll get signed or even a response?

Look, let's be real. We didn’t practice your instrument, write your songs, record your songs or control any part of your artist development.

In other words, GigFaster, obviously, cannot guarantee any deals or even a response. There are no guarantees of success!

We are the easiest way to contact independent record labels.

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