Los Angeles, CA

Hip Hop (R&B)


  • Genre: Hip Hop (R&B)
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One thing that separates Dane from other artist is he’s built different, he has a unique drive to succeed. He grew up earlier than most because of his moms mental issues. Dane learned to do things for himself at an early age. For instance, he got odd jobs at 9 & 10 yrs old to make money. Just to make sure he was able to eat something. Dane knew he wasn’t coming home to a hot meal in a warm house. Without saying to much about the situation he was in. What I mean when I say Dane has a unique pain. Picture living in a home with no utilities and food, no clean water to shower, no heat for warmth, no lights, no nothing. Oh! It’s in Chicago in the winter time. That was Dane’s life for a chunk of his childhood. What separates him from other artist in the game today is that unique pain because he didn’t let it ruin him. Both of his brothers are incarcerated so he learned from that. Safe to say he’s striving on a different path. Dane’s only focused on becoming a better person for his family and close friends. He survived a life that most would not, so his music releases that exact element of pain and suffering and is his form of therapy. God knows we all need it!


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Los Angeles, CA

Email: Info@imjustdane.com

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Phone: 8187231910